When you’re happily coding away, and you run into a bug, or are curious about a library you’re using, what do you do? I like to look at the source, so I wrote open_gem.

There were two problems with this. First, open_gem doesn’t open Ruby’s standard library. Second, each language has its own packaging system, npm, cabal, cpan, and so on.

Qwandry gives you a single way to easily open all your projects and libraries. Since I use Ruby most of the time, that’s what you get by default, but telling Qwandry about other languages is easy.

Here are a few examples:

qw matrix # opens ruby's matrix library
qw activerec 3.1 # will find version 3.1 of activerecord

If you want to use Qwandry with Node.js, Perl, Python, Haskell, R, or any other language you can dream up just run the customize command:

qw --customize

Installation is easy:

gem install qwandry

The code is on GitHub as usual, so hack away (qw qw).



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4 responses to “Qwandry

  1. Thank you so much for open gem and qwandry. I use them regularly and they’re extremely helpful, especially when in comparing differences from gem version to gem version.

  2. andy

    very nice – thanks

  3. Chris McGrath

    I use gem open all the time, this looks even better. Thanks!

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