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SexpPath 0.4

SexpPath 0.4 is complete now, and a gem is available from GitHub:

sudo gem install adamsanderson-sexp_path

New Features

Two new matchers have been added:

Matches any time a SexpPath query would normally not match, for instance this Q?{ -s(:a) } would match s(:b), but not s(:a).

Matches any pair of siblings in sequential order. For instance this Q?{ s(:a) >> s(:c) } would match s( s(:a), s(:b), s(:c) ), but not s( s(:c), s(:a), s(:b) ).

I am also pretty excited that Magnus Holm has started playing with SexpPath, take a look at sexp_template and sexp_builder, they’re both starting to take shape.

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Using the Mac OS X Find Buffer for Text Navigation

Mac OS X has a nifty text feature where you can hit Command-E, and your selection will be placed into a find buffer. Hitting Command-G and Shift-Command-G will find the next or previous instance of your selection.

I find this really useful when poking around in code. For instance if I want to go look somewhere else in a file, I will select a unique chunk of code, and stash it in the find buffer. I go about my business and then as soon as I need to go back, I just hit Command-G. It’s one of those basic little things that really makes working on a Mac quite enjoyable.

Any other good keyboard shortcuts people tend to miss?

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