RubyDiff Grocks Metaprogramming

RubyDiff now understands some basic metaprogramming features.  So now if you had some hypothetical waffles…

Waffle A

class Waffle

Waffle B

class Waffle
  attr_reader   :type
  attr_accessor :awesome_factor

You can see that the waffle has some new accessors

./bin/ruby_diff waffle.rb waffle_plus.rb
c  Waffle
+    Waffle {accessor awesome_factor}
+    Waffle {reader type}

Pretty neat huh? Grab the new 0.1.5 gem and also checkout the changelog for more details.  So a proof of concept is in, next up, figure out how to make it extendable so that we can have our Rails, Merb, ActiveRecord, DataMapper, or LobsterShack metaprogramming.


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