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Flourish – An action packed tree growing game in Ruby

Ok, I’ve taken the plunge, and opened myself up to the many eyes of the internet. The source for my wildly exciting tree growing game is now available at github. It may not be fun, it may not be polished, but it’s available for you to play with.

Level Two of Flourish

There are two main problems:

  1. Flourish is not fun
  2. Flourish is not polished

That being said, it’s still pretty cool. Go ahead and grab yourself a copy. You will also need Gosu, an excellent game library.

gem install gosu

Once you have gosu installed, just run it with:

ruby flourish.rb

To play, click and drag in from of the active branches and they will split, try to cover the green squares, while avoiding the red ones.

So, grab the source play around. If you think it could be fun to hack away at, go for it. If you think some day it could be a fun game, leave me suggestion or two.

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